The next Online Worship from Weoley Hill URC

Order of Worship for   
14th August 2022  






Weoley Hill Order of Service - Sunday 14 August 2022

Led by Stuart Masters, Woodbrooke College

Welcome and notices given by Elder on duty

Introduction/ Call to Worship

Be still for the presence of the Lord
The Holy one is here.

It is good for us to be together,
in this place, with these people, at this time,
listening for your voice.
In this hour of worship
teach us about your kingdom of peace and justice
so that we can seek it.
show us your pure unbounded love.
we want to walk with you,
humbly, closely, daily.

Hymn  Be still, for the presence of the Lord (MP 50)

Opening prayer
Holy Spirit of God,
Who at the birth of our Earth
“hovered over the waters”
 We ask you to breathe again over our troubled Earth.

As on the first Pentecost,
Enflame our weariness and enlarge our horizons.

Help us work to build a new tomorrow
Full of hope and enthusiasm.

Make us ever aware that we are not disconnected
From the rest of creation.
We are all part of one common family with one common Father.

Deepen our attentiveness to the cry of the Earth
And the cry of the poor –
And help us respond in whatever ways we can.

Holy Spirit of Light and Love,
Be our guide as we share in the ever-evolving work

Of creating our Common Home – the work of God’s

Send forth your Spirit, O Lord,
That the face of the Earth may be renewed.

Sister Maire Haynes


Hymn  Be thou My Vision (MP 51)

We thank you God for prophets old and new,
For wise words
Helping us discern the signs of our times.
Make us listen

Help us see when what we sow
Yields a harvest of inequality and despair;
When peace withers for want of justice;
The innocent suffer,
and the land lies desolate.

Make us respond

Shake us up
And gather us as one people –
Held together with passion and compassion,
For the good of each other
And guided by you.

Renew us

Breath new life into your people.
Inspire new ways of living
So that all can be refreshed
And thrive and grow.

Then we will reap a harvest of love –
Singing songs of praise,
Unity and harmony,
And freedom for the whole wide world.
Sheila Marsden

Hymn  O Thou Who Camest from Above (MP 525)

Readings  Jeremiah 23 vv 23-29
                           Luke 12 vv 49-56


  The reflection will explore four main themes:

  • How can we tell the difference between true and false prophets? Why is this important (Jeremiah 23 vv 23-29)?
  • Why did Jesus, the Prince of Peace, cause so much division and conflict in his earthly ministry (Luke 12 vv 49-53)?
  • How does the Bible help us to make sense of this (Psalm 82)?
  • What does this have to teach us in the present time (Luke 12 vv 54-56)?
    Hymn  Christ Be Our Light (MP 1201)

Prayers for the people
God of love and justice,
you call us to worship you
by showing love towards our neighbours
and the whole of your creation.
Open our hearts in compassion
and receive these prayers for the people,
for other animals, and for the whole world.

We pray for those experiencing ill-health,
whether physically, mentally or spiritually
and also, for those offering them care and support.
May they know your love and compassion.

God of Love and Justice – Hear our prayer

We pray for those living in poverty,
and struggling simply to survive.
Free us from our greed, so that no-one is in need.
May we all respond to your way of justice.

God of Love and Justice – Hear our prayer

We pray for those experiencing grief and bereavement
due to the loss of family members, friends, and pets.
Help us to uphold and support them at this time.
May they experience comfort and solace, in your love.

God of Love and Justice – Hear our prayer

We pray for those caught up in war and violent conflict.
Sadly, we know of many examples of this across the world.
May those with power and influence use this to pursue peace,
May we follow your way of forgiveness and reconciliation.

             God of Love and Justice – Hear our prayer

We pray for those living under oppression and injustice,
that dehumanises them and limits their freedom.
Let your justice roll down like waters,
and your righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

  God of Love and Justice – Hear our prayer

We pray for those who serve others in their community,
through their work, as volunteers, and as carers.
Help them to stay strong, and find joy in what they do.
May they know your upholding presence.

God of Love and Justice – Hear our prayer

We pray for those with power and influence,
in governments and other institutions.
May they act with justice and compassion,
And follow your way of humility and sacrificial love.

God of Love and Justice – Hear our prayer

Finally, we pray for your vibrant and beautiful Creation
And our place within this amazing web of life.
Help us to repent of our selfish and destructive ways, and
live in harmony with you, and all you have brought into being.

  God of Love and Justice – Hear our prayer

God of love and justice,
hear our prayers and help us to faithfully embody
your righteousness and compassion in the world.
May your kingdom come


Lord’s Prayer

Offertory prayer

Help us to be generous with our money and with our lives, so that we make a positive difference in the world. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, who gave all that he was, so that we might know life in all its fullness.


Hymn  One More Step Along the World I Go (MP 1346)


  God of love and justice,
may the boldness of your Spirit transform us,
may the gentleness of your Spirit lead us,
and may the gifts of your Spirit equip us to serve
and worship you, now and always.


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